The brand in interior

Europe’s top producer

Svedex, established in 1954, is a family owned company which has become a leading European producer and supplier of interior doors, interior doorframes and sliding door systems. Svedex is a dedicated partner with a complete range of interior door systems to suit all market sectors. Svedex is the specialist when it comes to lacquer finishing.

Svedex’s production facilities are located in the Netherlands and Germany. We have sales offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France, as well as sales partners in other European countries and the MENA region.

Added value for the interior

The days when every door and doorframe was the same are long gone. Individualism has arrived in the interior. The end user is well aware of his desires and Svedex has been part of this for many years. Interior doors and frames, previously considered as construction elements only, are now seen as interior features. Svedex’s original and progressive designs contribute towards raising the visual profile of today’s interior doors and frames.

Design by Svedex

Known for excellent quality and innovative designs, Svedex proactively analyses trends in living, interior design and furnishings. This future-oriented focus has resulted in a balanced product range that fully meets the requirements and wishes of quality conscious buyers.

Our products include Superlack painted designer doors and flat surface doors, doors with integrated 3D accents (Effect doors), sliding doors and interior doorframes in steel and timber. Svedex fire resistant and sound insulating doors comply with NEN EN 1634-1. Our attention to product development and our highly innovative production methods enable us to offer you unique and attractive designer products.