Sustainability. Door after door, for 40 years.

These days you hear a lot about sustainability, but this has been an integral part of our production methods and our way of life ever since the company was founded. This is what has made it possible for us to develop and grow and thus offer a future to our employees and our partners – always with consideration for nature and its resources. We have always regarded this as our personal responsibility.


In support of people and nature

Since 2009 there has been an international standard for social responsibility: ISO 26000. This has served as a guide to orient companies and other organisations towards responsible behaviour. Here at Svedex, we have always acted in accordance with these values and work with the greatest possible social responsibility in the areas which are currently detailed in these guidelines:

  • Corporate governance
  • Human rights
  • Labour practices
  • The environment
  • Fair operating practices
  • Consumer issues
  • Community involvement and development

Nature. Mother nature should also benefit from our success.

We developed our unique Superlack back in the 1970s. This white finish is what distinguishes our brand, what makes our doors especially resistant and, because it’s entirely solvent-free, poses no harm to people or the environment. We are also continually optimising our production facilities for the sake of environmental conservation. That’s second nature for us.

We’re making our mark with this logo.

Our Superlack EPC is 100% solvent-free and is produced with 0% emissions, which is yet another reason why we can truly call it super.

Svedex Superlack EPC: environmentally friendly facts

Our Superlack EPC process is unique, including in its energy usage and emission values compared to other manufacturing processes that employ infrared or ultraviolet technology.


Never stop building trust.

We have been strongly committed to the specialist trade for 40 years and counting. Because we see a brighter future in strong partnerships than in short-term profit margins, our partners pass this trust on to their customers, who likewise value our quality and consistency. This is as important to us today as it ever was, and will continue to be.

Our doors can only be found in the specialist trade. This long-term relationship is important to us, because people with families work in these businesses, and we are indirectly responsible for them as well.

You can always trust our partners to provide:

  • Product displays you can touch up close
  • Expert advice and installation
  • Help with delivery and storage
  • Informational materials on the products


Growth, but not at any price.

As an FSC-certified company, we show our respect for the wood we use in every step of the process. We buy from sustainably managed forestry, which allows us to support reforestation efforts. As a business, we want healthy growth – not just for ourselves, but for the trees as well.

The FSC, Forest Stewardship Council, was founded in 1993. This global association, headquartered in Bonn, Germany, is dedicated to preserving earth’s forests through sustainable and responsible forestry. The FSC’s strict guidelines are ours as well, and customers can count on that. More at


We make our doors to last for generations.

A door is an investment. Our doors pay off every day, sometimes accompanying generations through life. Their surfaces stand up to crayons, building blocks, beer crates, moving boxes and pets, and we want to continue being socially responsible for future generations as well, just like we’ve been doing for 40 years. Door after door.

Keywords for tough Svedex Superlack EPC:

  • Shock-proof
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Colour-fast
  • Easy to clean (even markers)
  • Solvent-free

Our doors: The door into your world.