Svedex Superlak

We call it ‘Superlak’ for a reason - no other varnish has the same level of quality as Superlak by Svedex. Sunlight has virtually no effect on Superlak, which makes discolouration a thing of the past. Superlak is also very durable. The surface quality and its underlying primers are still one of a kind. Furthermore, Superlak contains no solvents - this means no environmentally hazardous CO2 emissions. And most importantly: Superlak will turn your designer door into a prime example of fine taste in your interior.

Svedex TOP warranty
Svedex stands for high quality first and foremost, which means that a warranty is hardly needed. A little extra assurance is always welcome, though. Svedex takes that extra step in several ways.

The Superlak layer has a 10-year warranty on its durability and wear due to use. This eliminates wear due to skin acids and fats, which is not the case with so-called UV varnishes.

The advantages of Superlak:

  • resistant to sunlight
  • very durable
  • extremely wear-resistant
  • environmentally friendly
  • 10-year warranty