Collection Plus

New Collection Plus: The New Individual Production Concept

Colours, linear grooves and glass framework as a matter of choice.
We are the first door manufacturer to offer you a new concept, which enables you to choose from even more options in addition to our large assortment of door models. Fine-tune your options using linear grooves, shades of colours and glass framework. Collection Plus means MORE individuality. This new concept enables you to totally hold your personal groove... literally. You can choose between four linear grooves and two shades of white, and combine these with white or grey glass framework with natural wood grain. Only Svedex offers these options and at an affordable price as well. Our state-of-the-art production facilities have made Collection Plus, with its increased individuality, possible. Collection Plus and its options enable you to design your home distinctively and individually. Go to your local dealer to learn more about Collection Plus.

1. Linear grooves.
The TREND style assortment has an even greater variation in linear grooves: Connect, Linea, and ViVa, as well as E-Lite in the DESIGN style assortment.

Please click here to view the linear grooves.

2. Colour shades.
The TREND, ELEGANT, and DESIGN style assortments allow you to choose between pure white and extra white.


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3. Glass framework.
Upgrade doors in a high-contrast fashion using glass framework with natural wood grain for the TREND style assortment: Connect and ViVa, or whitewashed oak in the DESIGN style assortment: E-Lite


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The entire Collection Plus range of individual options is available as of 1 February 2013.
And... Collection Plus has one more plus to offer: Quick delivery times.