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Flat doors

The foundation: a tried and tested core
All Svedex’s ready-to-use style doors are based on our highly rated, thick, varnished rebated door. These flat doors are coated with extremely scratch-resistant and sustainable Svedex Superlack. The doors are constructed with FSC-certified materials and are available in the design and dimensions of your choice.

Svedex offers an extensive collection of style doors specially designed for your needs and finished with the above-mentioned Svedex Superlack.

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Panel doors


Svedex provides an extensive range of panel doors, from classic to contemporary and timeless. The Casual line of panel doors offers contemporary designs with modern panelling to create a balanced aesthetic in every door. Additionally, the Elegant line offers panel doors with an extra classic look.


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Line doors

Sturdy, understated doors combined with sleek lines for a clear and simple design that never becomes ‘ordinary’. Your interior keeps its personality while kicking the style up a notch. The interplay of lines in Svedex doors catches the eye without ever hogging the stage. The subtle lines provide an exciting composition on both sides of the door. Of course there are multiple designs to choose from, so your door is always in line with your personal taste!


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 Bright delight. Every option.

 The glass elements in Svedex style doors are both functional and enjoyable. They can bring in more light to brighten up living spaces or create pleasant accents with light and shadow. We offer a wide selection of different types of glass so you can achieve your desired effect with the right kind of glazing – pure bright delight.

Worlds of glass with Svedex
Light is indispensable for shaping the spaces in which we live. You can tailor the atmosphere and ambience of your home to your particular preferences by making deliberate use of glass panes in your doors. Svedex offers a wide range of options in this area as well. Whether you choose white, bronze or grey tinted glass, bevelled glass or clear glass with etched or frosted elements, Svedex guarantees that you get the highest quality and outstanding workmanship.


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