Svedex EPC Superlack

The environmentally-conscious production of doors and doorframes isn’t something Svedex just talks about – it’s what determines how we think and act. That’s why environmental consciousness has a long tradition at Svedex and is firmly ingrained in our philosophy. Back in the early 1970s, the company opted to use EPC varnish to coat interior doors, something that was almost unknown up to that time.

EPC is an acrylic-based varnish that was originally developed for the automotive industry (the American Ford company). In cooperation with BASF, this varnish was further refined to meet the special requirements of the door industry. The result is not just an extremely durable and hard-drying varnish, but an environmentally friendly one as well. This was a very bold and innovative investment at the time, one that continues to pay off today.

For 35 years Svedex has been the door industry’s expert in the field of solvent-free coatings. The company, which is based in Bocholt, has been coating all its doors with EPC varnish since 1972. The advantages: there is no need for use of any solvents and the EPC varnish is distinguished by positive features such as scratch and shock resistance, and resistance to fading and UV rays.