Sliding Door Systems

Svedex sliding door systems are both an elegant and space-saving solution.

A customised solution precisely tailored to your needs, reflecting the unmistakable sense of your own living style. Just as with our other door series, the focus lies on creatively shaping your living environment. Whether for an alcove, corner cabinet, walk-in closet or as a room divider, sliding door systems will always offer you a solution that suits you and your spatial context.

One of our specialist dealers will be glad to advise you and show you the many options that our systems offer.

Move sliding door systems – practical for any taste.

A nice addition to the world of sliding doors: the Move freeliner system functions with technical perfection and simple elegance. Rectilinear aluminium tracks conceal the sliding mechanisms, which do their job effectively and efficiently while staying out of sight. Move is a sliding door system available for all of Svedex’s style doors, so you are free to pick whatever suits your taste.